Cant pass the freakin walmart assessment test!?

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Ive done took this stupid test 3 times! And its common sense answers and i answer them right, but it always says i fail. Will they still call me or do i have to wait until i pass?

Yeah, it says if you fail or pass at the end.. and of course, i failed.

being as your from the south too it seems like it’d be the same.. Im from Alabama.

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  • ♥ Braves Fan ♥ – the test is also a test of your HONESTY. The questions/answers are not just common sense – the questions are also a mini personality analysis.

    When taking the test, and your choices are something like ‘Always True’, ‘Sometimes True’, ‘Neither True nor False’, ‘Sometimes False’, and ‘Always False’, NEVER use the Always True or Always False, use the middle answers. On the scale of 1 to 5, NEVER use 1 or 5, but stay in the middle.

    If there’s a question that asks if you have ever stolen anything say ‘YES’ and when they ask what, make it something small (like a candy bar) when you were a kid. Almost everyone has stolen something and to say you never have that will pretty much get your test thrown out (you will fail).

    One more thing, think like a store owner when they ask questions about EMPLOYEE theft (answer ‘I would report it right away’ – even if that’s not your real answer) or customer theft. FYI – employees steal more than the customers and employee theft is the biggest problem most stores have.

    Good luck


    I forgot…when asked questions like have you ever HIT someone, it is okay to admit that you have been angry enough to hit, but NEVER admit to any violence. Questions of violence are the only questions where you can use the Always/Never answers, as in you NEVER have hit anyone out of anger.

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  • I received took the assessment test and it says that I failed its asking for a honest and truthfully answers of situations you might indoor or encounter or the tolerance level of how much you can take from a person and as a former manager to a concession stand and supervisor to recruitment of a staffing agency I answered honest truthfully of certain situations that I encountered somewhat similar and how can be dealt with and it says that I failed?from what my informing friends tell me that this is dealing with Walmart computer that’s being done what is not done by human is done by a computer and I’m assuming that the computer must be wrong for the jewelry of people who have the qualifications and the strong background FX to fulfill these job inquiries? . I have spoken to the regional manager of Walmart and he inquired that if you feel that the answer that you given your truthfully and honestly and the computer does not recognize it will automatically say something that you were failed he was always a twist and turn to that assessment test and also to come in person only to the Walmart that is in your area and ask them you are inquiring employment and where are you in standing of being interviewed.

    he was den there is a 1 800 number that you can call and complain about that assessment test that you answered honestly and truthfully I’m certain situation that you yourself have encountered through your employment history and that it should be checked out go figure if it’s done with you do f***** if you dont

  • I have 20 years military experience. I applied for a supervisor position, filled out the entire application online, then took the assessment test only to find out an hour later I failed the test.

    Really???! Im not perfect, but damn. Atlas let us take the assessment first, before going through the whole application process.

    And I have taken many assessment test before and passed. It was not hard, or did not seem. All things I have felt with in the past successfully.


  • I just took it and passed. I read online that if you STRONGLY AGREE or STRONGLY DISAGREE that would be acceptable. Walmart does not want answers where people are just ‘riding the fence’. Obviously, you can ‘kind of’ agree with anything if written/asked a certain way. Walmart wants you to let your nuts hang a bit and strongly agree or strongly disagree. Also, don’t lie about stealing ANYTHING EVER. In fact – if you have stolen * – LIE YOUR OFF. Also, if there’s a question with a multiple choice answer having anything to do with a supervisor – choose that answer. The corporate guys do not trust the employees. PERIOD. Just say – get the supervisor. Even when the answer is obvious.

    The only thing I was brutally honest on was stupid **** like – “Is money important?” obviously it is So I put that it was. Or, “Have you ever had a hard time at work”..Uhh yup. Sure have. So I put that.

    Tell em what they need to hear to get you to the interview then let them decide if you are capable of unloading and loading boxes like the qualified moronic, mongoloid, simeon, half dressed ape men that are working there.

  • I have heard from many managers and owners of the company’s I’ve worked for that you always answer “strongly agree or strongly disagree” you do not want to answer in the middle because that means you’re indecisive. All so when you answer questions think about what the manager or whoever is reading your answers would be looking for. I just took the assessment myself and passed so I know I am correct. If you still have doubts you can easily look up the answers online just copy and paste the first question and search the answers on google. Of course if you’re going to do this take the assessment at home so you can freely look ay the answers. I wish you the best of luck in your career search buddy!

  • I failed Walmart s Personality test too but when you look at the type of people that work there, you wonder to yourself: How in the heck did they get hired?

    A few things here….First off I think these personality test are just a cover up for HR being lazy in their hiring process. These test IMO are a huge waste of time and really take away from the personal hiring experience–a time when people actually use to call you in for interviews, shake your hand, call your references, invite you back for a second interview, etc.

    If I were a hiring manager, I would like to actually see my candidates, not let some machine do the picking for me. I could care less about: If you see a pencil on a desk, would you take it OR My colleagues think a do a good job some of the time. REALLY!! GIVE ME A BREAK!! Questions like these have absolutely nothing to do with if you can do the job.

  • Yes, I JUST took the assessment test from Walmart today and hours later, got my results. I failed. I answered everything as honestly as I possibly could, including NO I never did steal. I honestly never have, but if they want me to lie the next chance I am able to take this ridiculous test, then that is what I will do. Personally, my belief is that is has a LOT to do with whether or not you have received SNAP, Aid to Dependent Families, Welfare, etc…..they ask an AWFUL lot of questions geared toward that category, and I truthfully answered NO to every one of them (approximately 20 questions) I believe they receive tax credits for those people that they hire who may or may have been, on social services, and in many cases, those are the people hired.

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