Cat hair in my eye? Please help!?

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A cat hair (white) went into the white part of my eye and I can’t get it out or see it and I’m really scared! Help.

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  • Cry so when your eyes start to water, it will wash it out. Same thing with glass

  • It’s much better to use saline solution that is formulated to simulate your tears. Regular water is not the same as your tears and the chlorine can irritate your eyes. It’s not recommended to touch your eyes with your fingers–you can scratch your eyes and introduce bacteria or other particulate matter.

    You can get an “eye wash” kit at a pharmacy like CVS or RiteAid. It consists of a saline solution and a plastic cup. You squirt the saline solution into the cup. While looking down, you fit the cut against your eye socket and point your face upward while holding the cup firmly over your eye so the water doesn’t leak out. You open your eye to let the saline wash out whatever is stuck to your eye. This works well. I had something stuck in my eye that felt like a boulder. The eye wash got it out–immediate relief! Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • LOL thanks for reminding me of old times where my friend got his contacts stuck. All you do is try to dance your eyes so you can see it in the mirror and wash it off with water….

    P.s. I found out you can actually touch your white parts of your eye without that much pain(if u have clean hands) so use that as a last minute attempt to get it out…

  • Your eyes are equipped to deal with foreign bodies. Just let your eye flush it out. Usually if I have any sort of pet hair in my eye, it gets pushed out overnight while I’m sleeping and everything is fine.

    Don’t poke around in your eyes, you will irritate them and can get them infected.

  • flush your eye out with water for up to 15 minutes, if you have to rub your eye, wash your hands and gently try to work the hair towards the inner corner of your eye and out.

  • Use some warm water and cotton wool to clean your eye. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • blink alot. It might hurt but it should help move it to the corner of your eye and make it easier to get out.

  • put more in, you will turn half cat.

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