Cat swallowed styrofoam, will he be okay?

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My cat is a pesky little guy sometimes. He’s extremely curious and has to check out EVERYTHING. Well, I was scrapbooking and had a trashbag next to me that contained a thin layer of styrofoam. It had originally packaged a poster (rolled up with the poster) so hopefully that’ll describe just how thin it was…

Anyway, I left to use the bathroom and to do my makeup. I was gone somewhere between 20-30 minutes. In that time, my cat found the styrofoam and decided to have himself a snack.

I walked out to see him coughing in the kitchen. He heaves like this whenever he’s about to vomit, so I armed myself with paper towels and knew just what to expect. Unfortunately, this time, out came a square piece of styrofoam along with water. The styrofoam was probably around a square inch in size.

I woke up my mother, worried, and stepped in more vomit. This time it was cat food mixed with more styrofoam, but less than aforementioned.

Unfortunately, due to rips in the styrofoam already, I can’t judge just how much he ate.

Since vomitting the second time, my cat has regained his normal temperment. He’s bouncing around as per usual, using his litter box, meowing, etc. Even so, and despite my mom telling me he’s fine, I’m worried about him. He’s my baby and I want to make sure he’s okay.

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Do you guys think he’ll be alright? Is there anything else I should do?

Note: This just happened maybe an hour or two ago tops

To Alma: Don’t be a jerk. I’m worried about my cat. If you don’t have an answer, then don’t answer questions. It’s simple.

To Stacy: The problem with that and having a cat like mine is he climbs on everything. There’s virtually nowhere I could have put it that he couldn’t have gotten into (he even sleeps on top of the refridgerator, lol). We bring out the trash daily to avoid issues like this, but I was still using it and just leaving the room for a minute so I assumed he’d be fine. I appreciate your advice, though!

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  • Chances are your cat will be just fine. Sounds like he coughed up most of it. Styrofoam isn’t poisonous in itself, so you don’t need to worry about that, and if it was chewed, chances are the pieces your cat swallowed were small enough that they will pass on through with the rest of… ummmm…. his food. I’d say just keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get a rock-hard belly. If he does, that could be a sign of bloat or torsion, and then you would need to get him to a vet right away. As long as he is still eating and drinking normally though, you should be fine.

  • How long ago was this? If it was over a day or two ago i would imagine he vomited up the styrofoam he ate and perhaps the rest whent through him and out the other end. If not then just keep an eye on him if your worried about him. if he starts to act unusual take him to the vet. They will give him a stomach pump which is what will most likely be needed if theres a stomache blockage which is unlikely as he would be in pain and wouldnt be eating,playing etc etc. So you shouldnt worry yourself hes probably going to be fine just watch out for him and keep an eye out.

  • When I’m gone somewhere with a pet at a house, I put garbage cans on counters. Your cat will be fine. The styrofoam might come out in PӨӨP or diarrhea, or bits in the urine.

  • I would call your vet. Phone calls are free, and they will either tell you to watch and wait, or to bring the cat in. My vet always gives me advice over the phone, and only tells me to bring in the cats when it is best for the cat.

  • i think hell be fine its aint got no poison in it and sounds like he barfed most out, but i might keep an eye on him and if he starts to look not so well take him to your vet!

    hope this helped:)

    Source(s): my general knowledge!

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