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What does anime ost mean ?

I hear that word everywhere, I want to know the meaning. ha ha, yes am slow -_-‘ xD 11 Answers Open

Is a C a bad grade?(please answer!)?

i consider a C,average, okay. i have been getting A s& Bs my whole life,except in math. my mom’

Boy walking along a beam problem.?

A 45 kg, 5.5-m-long beam is supported, but not attached to, the two posts in the figure(picture) . A

What is the correct spelling for the word: spicy or spicey?

word used in a sentence: The food is spicey or spicy? 6 Answers While spicy is the standard correct s

what is the new song that goes “people see me but they just don’t know come on baby let the good times roll” ?

it’s a new rap/hip-hop song. i’m pretty sure it’s a remake of jimi hendrix- come on (let the go

ITunes hack account with unlimited money?

Ok my friend said he has infinite money on this iTunes account, I would like to kno how to get this s

Where can I print out my walgreens pay stub?

3 Answers You have to sign in to see your schedule and pay stub. Prob

Is the word “remodelation” not correct? is only “remodeling” correct?

3 Answers I don’t believe “remodelation” (or “modelation” for that matter) is actually a wo

How long is 4 miles in minutes?

If I travel by car 4 miles, approx. how long into the drive would it take me to get to my destination

What movie is this quote from?

“Stick with me kid.” Its an old movie and I think there’s another part thats missing? 7 Answers