“chaseway”.what does it mean?

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It appears in this text:

It will assist with installation of insulation and weather-stripping; window and door repair; wrapping of hot water heaters, heating pipes and ducts; sealing of basᴇмᴇɴt openings, crawlspaces and chaseways; insulation and air sealing of the roof area; and efficiency modifications to central heating systems.

I am not an English speaker and do not understand what it means, can anybody help explain it to me?

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Thanks in advance.


2 Answers

  • I’m unsure as to the meaning of “chaseway” in this text. In old English, chaseway was used to refer to roads, especially those used for hunting game.

  • Chaseway in this text means a hollow area in a wall or floor in which you can run wires, pipes, etc.

    Source(s): 15yrs maintenance man

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