chem question help plz i cant get the answerr =[?

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Evaluate and round the answer appropriately.

16.83/15 – 0.46

2 Answers

  • 0.66 (two significant figures)

    Use a calculator.

  • For multiplication and division, the number of significant figures depends on the LOWEST number of sigfigs in the original equation (16.83/15). For addition and subtraction, the correct number of sig figs depends on the FEWEST number of DECIMAL places in the numbers involved with addition and subtraction. For this problem, that is the quotient of (16.83/15)-0.46.

    Following the rules of order of operations, you will divide first then subtract. For the most accurate answer, do not round your sig figs until the final answer.


    16.83/15=1.122 (there are only 2 sig figs in this answer, but dont round yet, use the WHOLE answer for the next step then round)

    Then take 1.122-0.46=0.662

    The correct number of sig figs is two decimal places, so the answer is 0.66 or 6.6×10^-1

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