chemisty help please?

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The air pressure in a volleyball is 75 psi. What is this pressure in torr?

7600 torr  

75,000 torr

3900 torr

562 torr

520 torr

5 Answers

  • 14.7psi=1atm=760torr

    Source(s): http://www.kentche/
  • 3900. For future reference, in a google seach bar type “75 psi to torr” and search. It will provide the conversion for this (and many other conversions).

  • according to my little “convert” freeware thingy, 1 PSI = 51.71493 torr. You need to multiply that by 75. There’s only one answer in your list that is even close, and I’ve only done a ballpark calc in my head. Half of 75 times 100. Something near 3800.

    and I was right, 3878.62.

  • The exact answer is 3 878.61994 torr, so I would pick 3900 torr.

  • well I never took “chemisty” and was really bad at Chemistry, so I can’t help you, but I honestly do hope someone does, lol

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