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Q:Consider the circuit shown in the figure . The current through the 6 ohm- resistor is 4.00 A, in the direction shown.

What is the currents through the 25 ohm- resistor and the 20 ohm resistor.


3 Answers

  • 6ohms x 4A = 24V

    24V/8 ohms = 3A

    4A+3A=7A (current through 25 ohms)

    7Ax25 ohms=175V



    199V/20 ohms

    =9.95A (current through 20 ohms)

  • Here you need to calculate the voltage across the 6 ohm resistor with V = IR. (24)

    Then you will know the voltage across the 8 ohm resistor is the same. (24)

    From V = IR you then calculate the current through the 8 ohm resistor.(3)

    By adding the current through the 6 ohm and the 8 ohm resistors, you will have the current through the 25 ohm resistor. (7) Then from V = IR, you can calculate the voltage across the 25 ohm resistor.(175)

    Now by adding the voltage across the 6 ohm and the 25 ohm resistors, you have the voltage across the 20 ohm resistor. (199)

    From V = IR, you can figure the current through the 20 ohm resistor. (9.95)

  • v through the 6 ohm resistor=I X R=4×6=24V

    v through the 8 ohm resistor=24V

    I through the 8 ohm resistor=24/8=3A

    total current in upper part=3+4=7A

    therefore current through the 25 ohm resistor=7A

    v through the 25 ohm resistor=25 x 7=175V

    total voltage in the upper part=24+175=199V

    therefore the voltage in the lower part=199v

    I in the 20 ohm resistor= V/R=20/199=0.1A

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