circumference of a half dollar?

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  • Assuming you mean the US half dollar coin, which has a diameter of 1.205 inches (30.61 mm)

    Circumference = pi * diameter

    Circumference = 1.205π in ≈ 3 13/16 in (to the nearest 16th of an inch)

    Circumference = 30.61π mm ≈ 96.16 mm (2 dp)

  • circumference of a half dollar

  • use a ruler … find the distance from one side to the other … this is the diameter

    circum. = pi X diameter <<< so just multiply

    according to google the diameter is 1.205 inches so the circumference = 3.7856 inches

  • 96. 16 mm

  • C = πd

    C = (3.061 cm)π

    This is as far as you could go with this, unless you just wanted a numerical approximation like so:

    C ≈ 9.616 cm

    There you have it. If you want it in inches instead (9.616/2.54) then you will have:

    C ≈ 3.79 inches

  • I would say about $1.25

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