Classify each of these compounds as an Arrhenius acid, an Arrhenius base, or neither.?

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HI , KOH, AgOH, Zn(OH)2, C3H8, HClO, HCl, KCl, Ca(OH)2, H2SO4.

1 Answer

  • AA = Arrhenius acid

    AB = Arrhenius base

    HI == AA

    KOH == AB

    AgOH == Doesn’t exist*

    Zn(OH)2 == AB

    C3H8 == neither, organic compound, propane

    HClO == AA

    HCl == AA

    KCl == neither, salt

    Ca(OH)2 == AB

    H2SO4 == AA

    * AgOH does not exist, but you will find Ag2O. When silver ion and hydroxide ion are brought together it will form Ag2O rather than AgOH

    2Ag+ + 2OH- –> Ag2O(s) + HOH(l)

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