Clothing size: are 0-3 and 3 month?

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Baby clothing question – are size 0-3 and those just labeled “3 months” the same size? Or are the 3 month clothes bigger than 0-3? I’m afraid to take the tags off of the 3 month summer clothes!

My baby is 3 weeks old and 9.5 pounds. Long legged and chubby. She’s fitting comfortably into the 0-3 clothes now.

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  • 0-3 Month Clothes

  • Every brand is different. My son fits into some 3 month clothes and all of his 0-3 months stuff, some is getting a little small on him. When was your baby born, or due? If you already have your baby, I would just take off the tags and not worry about it. Plus, what is the real big difference in summer and spring/fall clothes? The shorts? So they don’t wear the shorts, or they wear them on warmer fall says, big deal. My son is almost 2 months and still fits in newborn size pants.

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  • 0-3 is slighty smaller than 3 months. my daughter wore 0-3 when she was inbetween sizes when newborn was getting a little small but 3 months didnt fit yet, and also wore it along with 3 months, however 0-3 were the first to get outgrown. same with 3-6 and 6-9. but it depends, sometimes the inbetween sizes are the same as the next whole size up. just keep the tags on and take them off as your baby starts fitting into them, thats the safest way to do it.

  • I find 3 is a little bigger then 0-3, 6 is a little bigger then 3-6 and so on. Not by much but just a little bit in the length which was fine with me…my daughter is long and skinny.

  • I think they’re about the same. I noticed that anything Carter’s made only had “3 months” on it, vs “0-3 months,” and I always found that they were longer in the torso than other brands. Not sure if this is brand-specific, or something about the sizing.

  • I have found that 0-3 month clothes are usually slightly smaller than 3 month clothes.

  • It all depends on the store, the make and the type of clothing. I had clothes for my son that were 0-3mos that fit and then we tried a 3mo on him and it was either way too big or too small. Try them on your child and ɡɑɡe from there whether or not they will be able to wear them now.

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  • It’s possible, although I don’t know for sure

  • This was bugging me too

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