Consider 6.00 mol of liquid water.?

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What volume is occupied by this amount of water? The molar mass of water is 18.0 g/mol.

Imagine the molecules to be, on average, uniformly spaced, with each molecule at the center of a small cube. What is the length of an edge of each small cube if adjacent cubes touch but don’t overlap?

and finally….How does this distance compare with the diameter of a molecule?

3 Answers

  • The mass 6.00 gram of water is 6.00 x 18 gram = 108 gram

    Since the density is 1.00 g/cm3 by definition, the volume of this water is 108 cm3.

    6.00 moles contains 6.00 x 6.01 E 23 molecules = 3.6 E 24 molecules.

    So each molecule needs 108 cm3 / 3.6 E 24 space

    So their average distance is the third root of it, being 31 nanometer. I do not know the size of a water molecule. It should be a little be less then 31 nm.

  • At 298K 6 mole of water will occupy 6*22.4 liters volume

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