Corrective Lenses Conceptual Questions?

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The near point (the smallest distance at which an object can beseen clearly) and the far point (the largest distance at which anobject can be seen clearly) are measured for six differentpeople.

near point(cm) far point(cm)

Avishka 40 infinity

Berenice 30 300

Chadwick 25 500

Danya 25 infinity

Edouard 80 200

Francesca 50 infinity

a) Which, if any, of these people are nearsighted(myopic)?

b) Which, if any, of these people require bifocals to correcttheir vision?

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c) Which, if any, of these people’s vision can be correctedusing only converging lenses?

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2 Answers

  • Wow this is beyond my range for physics but luckily I wear glasses lol.

    I will attempt to answer this.

    Farsighted would be: Edouardo, Berenice, Francesca, and Avishaka. Farsighted means >25cm

    So that means Danya and Chadwick are nearsighted.

    I don’t think any require bifocals

    The converging lenses would help Chadwick because he has the biggest difference.

    These are just my guesses.

  • A) Beatrice, Chadwick, Edouard because they all have a limit as to how far they can see

    B) Beatrice and Eduoard would need bifocals because for nearsighted limit is more than 25 and their farsighted limit is less than 500

    C) Avishka and Francesca need converging lenses because they cant see within 25cm, Beatrice and Eduoard are not included becuase they need more than converging lenses, they need bifocals.

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