Could a Scottish F1 driver represent Scotland instead of the UK?

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I’m fairly new to F1 and was wondering if a Scottish driver could choose to represent Scotland and have Flower of Scotland as their anthem on the podium?

Or are they considered British by default?

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  • hahahahahha to ? with his Ayr Toon Centre…  that did make me laugh.

    Couldn’t see David Coulthard’s name mentioned so thought I’d add it. 

  • There have been any number of Scottish F1 drivers over the years, some more successful than others but as at this moment Scotland (Wales, N.Ireland and England) are all part of the UK, they represent the UK.   And why not!…

    Winning British drivers have the British National Anthem played, along with the Nationality of their Team when the trophies are being handed out, on the podium.

  • There have been many Scottish F1 drivers, and several drivers named after Scottish towns.

    They are STIRLING Moss

    Johnny DUMFRIES

    and Ayr Toon Centre.

  • i think if they were determined to do so, then yeah, what they going to do, ban them?,  i don’t think so…

    to the ignoramus  who says they don’t have int teams in f1   , yeah we know, but nobody is telling me they don’t play winners national anthem after every race as well as thier teams constructor nationality…

  • F1 does not have national teams. Who told you they did.? They have ‘international’ drivers,

    and ‘constructors’ teams. i.e. Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren etc.

  • There have been several F1 drivers of Scottish extraction who have all been considered British by default, although many did have the Saltire and/or clan tartan represented somewhere on their kit.

    It’s possible they may request of the FIA to be listed as Scottish rather than British and have the Saltire flown above the podium, but whether the FIA would agree is a different matter.

  • I don’t think so, I believe they would need to have the British national anthem

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