Coulomb’s Law Calculator

Understanding Coulomb’s Law

Coulomb’s Law is a fundamental principle in physics that describes the electrostatic interaction between charged particles. Named after the French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, this law quantifies the force between two charged objects and is essential for understanding the behavior of electric fields.

The Formula for Coulomb’s Law

The mathematical formula for Coulomb’s Law is expressed as:

F = k * |q1 * q2| / r^2



– F represents the electrostatic force between two charges – k is the Coulomb constant (8.9875 x 10^9 N m^2/C^2) – q1 and q2 are the magnitudes of the charges – r is the distance between the charges

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Calculating the Electrostatic Force

To calculate the electrostatic force between two charges using Coulomb’s Law, you need to know the magnitudes of the charges and the distance between them. Once you have these values, you can plug them into the formula to determine the force exerted between the charges.

Using the Coulomb’s Law Calculator

This Coulomb’s Law calculator simplifies the process of determining the electrostatic force between two charges. By entering the values of the charges and the distance between them, the calculator will automatically compute the force based on Coulomb’s Law formula.

Example Calculation

Let’s consider an example where two charges, q1 and q2, are placed 2 meters apart. If q1 = 5 C and q2 = 3 C, we can calculate the force between them using Coulomb’s Law.

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Plugging the values into the formula: F = (8.9875 x 10^9 N m^2/C^2) * |5 * 3| / 2^2 F = 13481.25 N

Therefore, the electrostatic force between the two charges is 13481.25 N.

Real-World Applications of Coulomb’s Law

Coulomb’s Law has various applications in everyday life and scientific research. It is used in the design of electrical systems, such as circuit boards and power grids, to ensure the proper functioning of devices. Additionally, Coulomb’s Law is crucial in studying the behavior of particles in atomic and molecular structures.

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Coulomb’s Law is a fundamental concept in physics that governs the interaction between charged particles. By understanding this law and using the Coulomb’s Law calculator, you can calculate the electrostatic force between charges and apply it to real-world scenarios. Mastering Coulomb’s Law is essential for anyone studying physics or working in fields related to electricity and magnetism.