Craigslist Error 404 code?

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Hi, I think something was stolen and posted on craigslist and I want to view the add as I have the link. It was previously posted, not anymore, and all I get is a 404 error screen. Is there a way to view it? Thanks.

3 Answers

  • You could try the following:

    Search google using (but use the right craigslist url): keywords that match post

    Click on the links until you find the one with the 404 error and then go back to google and click the “Cached” link.

    If google didn’t cache it, chances are no one did.

    Ian Drake

  • A 404 error indicates that the server itself was found, but that the server does not have the requested page

  • It is a common error. It is solve by refreshing page. Because it occur when server does not find requesting page so. More detail –…

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