Debit card transaction not showing up on bank account?

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So I went out of town the other day. I went to two different Walmart, looking for a battery. Two different states also. The debit card Transaction for Minnesota went right out of my account. The one in Wisconsin hasn’t showed up on it. Normally wherever we use our debit card, it shows up on the account. So I was wondering. Did it maybe not go through? The guy had to wait a minute for it to process. I’m not counting on it, but yeesh, its been since Monday. Today’s Thursday.

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3 Answers

  • do not trust online banking just wait if you use it, it will appear on your account later. that happens to me with bank of america it say one minute i had a certain amount but when i check my account at a local branch it say i have another amount in the bank. be patient my account went negative because transaction not showing

  • Interstate transactions can take longer than in-state. It is possible that the paperwork from the retailer hasn’t caught up yet. Don’t start to party just yet – the banks are pretty good at getting things right.

  • It might not show up on line yet. Especially since it’s out of state. I think you should call your bank and see if they show that transaction (if you’re worried about it). If not it should probably show up before the weekend.

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