Degrees of triangles….?

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The angles in Triangle ABC measure 27°, 73°, and 80°. What kind of triangle is ABC? Right, Obtuse, Acute or Equilangular?

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  • It cant be equilangular (it has to be an equalateral triangle) it cant be obtuse… (doesnt have an angle greater than 90) it cant be right (doesnt have a 90 angle) and its acute because all the angles are under less than 90

  • Well, I can guarantee you that it isn’t a right triangle, nor an equilangular one, so, that removes two choices, kinda like on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. The remaining choice is yours. God Bless you.

  • a)In right angled triangle, one angle should be 90

    So it is not right angled.

    b), in obtuse triangle, one angle should be more than 90.

    So it is not obtuse.


    in equiangular , all angles should be (180/3) 60 degrees.

    So it is not equiangular.


    In acute triangle all angles should be less than 90.

    so it is acute triangle.

  • acute.

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