Deposit in account from Georgia Department of EDI?

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I got my federal income tax return today, but I also have a deposit of $86 from Georgia Department of EDI in my account. According to Turbo Tax my State refund was suppose to be $247 so I’m confused.. Any help would be awesome because Google has turned up NO answers.

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  • I had the same thing happen today update if you find something

  • Unsure what type of EDI payment was deposited into your bank account and more importantly which department in Georgia, however I did receive a deposit from the Department of Treasury this morning. Did some digging and found out that it was some type of prearranged payment and deposit i.e. PPD. Not sure where it came from and why I have received it but there are several reasons as to why, one including IRS tax refund. Reasons for receiving a PPD payment are:






    IRS tax refund

    Public Debt payments

    I will do some further digging and find out more information. And yes, Google ꜱᴜcκs for the type of search/information I was trying to find so I used a different search engine that matched search results better.

  • I did some digging also. I had to call my bank an ask what is GA Dept. EDI deposit . They did not know exactly who or which department in GA made the deposit. So they gave me the trace number and had me call Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo took the information that I was given by the bank and told me that the deposit was from the GA Department of Revenue and the Dept. of Revenue said that it was my state tax return that I had filed 8 months ago which was just now processing. Hope this helps.

  • Edi Payments

  • It is POSSIBLE to get a refund by DD on fri. I am 100% sure the past 3 years I recieved my money on the friday it was supposed to be deposited. It was always there when I would check the ATM on my way to work (6:30 AM). To make sure I checked the date on previous yrs bank statement. So it is definitely possible to get a dd on a fri. Some banks can take a couple days to post a DD it, but there are a lot (all I’ve banked at) that post DD’s quickly. I have never got my refund on any companies debit card, but I would assume they would want to make their products as quick as a regular DD can be!?!? *** I just went to check the ATM (at 12:26 AM PCT on 1/29) and my funds are already available. Great i’ve never checked right around midnight!!

  • I got a deposit this morning from Georgia Dept EDI but it’s not my tax refund, my refund is much more. I don’t know what this is for! My refund is $486 and deposit is $126….weird!

  • I got $686.00 EDI payment from Georgia today deposited into my account. Is this legit? Will someone please let me know what this is. I don t want to spend it if its going to be taken from me at a latter date.

  • 1/06/15 I was due a GA tax refund for 2014, but it was for less than what I had deposited in my account today.

  • If you owe unemployment then this could be your answer. I received a partial state refund and the remaining balance was the same amount that I owed unemployment. Although I had set up a payment arrangement and had paid for the last 5 months, they still took it.

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    mine is shown as pending in my bank account to post thursday night and be available friday morning, so your bank could very well already have it just wont post it until Friday morning. We have a credit union and our paychecks and everything always say pending pretty early! good luck! Hope ya get it by the time ya need it! You can always call the bank tomorrow and get a for sure answer!…

  • We got a bigger than expected refund – in the exact amount of vehicle ad valorem tax we paid on one of our cars that was ‘grandfathered’ when GA changed the vehicle tax method/process.

    “EDI” is the product that GA uses to make what are commonly called “ACH” or “EFT” payments. The federal government uses a similar product and terminology.

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