Designing and implementing a global database is a technical challenge. mainly because of the _____.

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45. Designing and implementing a global database isatechnical challenge, mainly because of t a. variations in business needs and size of an c. lack of control and coordination in a globa organization information system (GIS). b. different character sets used for names of d. need to transfer data across cultural and people and places geographic boundaries. 46. The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is also known as the a. ad hoc cycle c. agile cycle b. self-sourcing model d, waterfall model 47. During the phase of the systems development life cycle (SDLC model, an inform designer must define the problem an organization faces, taking care not to define symptoms the underlying problem. a. planning c. design b. requirements gathering and analysis d. implementation are employees who will use an information system regularly, and they can offer 48. feedback on the systems strengths and weaknesses. a. Internal users c. Suppliers d. Business partners b. Customers 49. External users of an organizations information system are: a. refrained from providing feedback. c. typically part of a task force. b. its customers, contractors, and suppliers. d. the employees who use the system. 50 centers on a structured workshop in which users and system professionals co develop an application. c. Service-oriented architecture (SOA a. Extreme programming OKP) d. Rapid application development (R b. Joint application design OAD)

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45. lack of coordination in gis

46 water fall model

47. design

48.internal users

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