Determine the absolute pressure on the bottom of the swimming pool. Calculate the total force on the bottom of the swimming pool.?

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Also, calculate pressure against the side. Dimensions of a swimming pool are 28.0m by 8.5m and its uniform depth is 2.9m . The atmospheric pressure is 1.013×10^5N/m2.


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  • The absolute PRESSURE at the bottom is atmospheric pressure + (1,000 x g x 2.9).

    This is distinct from absolute FORCE on the bottom, which is pressure x area. Hope you are asking for the right thing.

    Atmospheric pressure = 101,325Pa at STP.

    Water density = 1,000kg/m^3., g is 9.8.

    (1,000 x 9.8 x 2.9) = 28,420Pa.

    (28,420 + 101,325) = 129,745Pa., or 129.745kPa., at the bottom of the pool.

    The MEAN pressure against the side is 1/2 that, or 64.8725kPa.

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