Did O.J. Simpson Murder His Former Wife Nicole Simpson?

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What makes you believe he did murder her?

What makes you believe he didn’t murder her?

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  • I think most people believe he did murder her. And maybe it says something about our justice system that it is very hard to convict a wealthy man… but according to our system of justice a man is innocent until proven guilty. and he was found not guilty in a court of law…sad as that may be for some…thats that. There is a higher court where we will be judged…

  • I think that it is much easier to point the finger at the next person in line.If a child dies the first people in line are the parents and they are going to bring up everything from a spankin’ to not letting them have a cookie. I don’t think he got off, (like some people say) because he was famous. I think that is the main reason why they are so quick to pick these people because they are famous. Did O.J do it? No. Did O.J have something to do with it? No. Does O.J know who did it? Yes. Does that make him guilty? NO. We have seen the movie “Set it Off” right? Let’s not forget there are plenty of people that have sat in prison for life for things that DNA now says that they didn’t do.Sometimes even 20 to 30 years later. And one last thing…J. Cochran didn’t start the “Race Card” game. The prejudice officer did.Cochran just used it. And why wouldn’t he? Ask yourself this…If an officer knows for a fact by the real evidence that- that person is guilty, what would be the point of planting evidence?O.j and Cochran didn’t prove his innocence, the prosecution did. And I rest my case.<–Just my opinion

  • Because the civil suit indicated he had something to do with the murder but not enough to convict him….which I don’t fully understand once your not found guilty in a court of law but in a civil suit you can be found responsible for it?

    Personally I originally didn’t think he did it until so many things were uncertain, I saw that Nicoles friends had alot to be fearfull of and they could have made an example of her and the boyfriend was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…because her friends debts would not be paid if they killed them…but so much was focussed on O.J. that her closest friends sure backed out of the whole picture real quick?

  • Of course he did! How else did Ron Goldman’s blood get inside the back of his SUV? O.J. and Mr. Goldman had NEVER met nor crossed paths before that fateful night. That trial was skewed from the get-go! He would have gone to death row like Scott Peterson had he been a poor person!

    Source(s): I watched every episode of the “O.J. Show, with Judge Ito” all the way through!
  • For sure he did…not every crime is like a CSI: episode with obvious evidence that leads right to the killer…but there was blood evidence found, and it’s obvious he’s a crazy jealous abuser…Johnny Cochran turned the whole thing into a racial thing and a big old circus and everyone forgot that two innocent people actually lost their lives….

  • I watched the whole trial and I believe he did kill Nicole and Ron I think that the Jury was star struck he probley would have been put in prison if he was a regular person like you and me

  • i don’t have proof beyond reasonable doubt about the murder of Nicole Simpson

  • Yes the only thing the got him off was money and the glove didn’t fit”yea right” i can stretch my hand all the way out and it wouldn’t fit either and my hands are not no ways as big as O.J,s.

  • I think he is guilty because there is no evidence showing that any other person is a suspect. He was the only one that had evidence pointing to him! Famous people can get away with anything and that is ridiculous. They are people too and they should not be immune for being famous.

  • It does not matter what I think. A jury found him innocent of all charges. Even if he admitted to doing it, he would be be convicted. However I believe if he is guilty and does not repent of the sin. G-d will give him his appropriate punishment in the end.

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