Did OJ Simpson really do it?

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11 Answers

  • he’s still searching every golf course for the ‘real’ killer….

  • Only OJ knows for sure!

  • I think he did as most people do and he many not pay for the crime through they criminal justice system, but you can bet that he will never be treated as an innocent man as long as he lives. At least in most peoples eyes.

  • Until he tracks down the real murderer on the golf courses he plays, I have to say yes.

    BTW, while money MAY talk – having 10 BLACKS ON THE JURY certainly spoke MUCH LOUDER.

  • Only 12 people on the planet thought O.J. was not guilty; unfortunately they were all on the jury.

  • i think his son did but oj knew with his fame he could get off after all there were alot of stories that could give his son alot of motive.

  • OJ DIDN’T DO IT. (insert primal yell)

    although the civil court did find him guilty. (beard stroke)

  • I tried so hard to support him. I truly thought he was innocent. However, as the evidence mounted, I too had to agree, he DID it.

  • If this question is re: his wife, yes he did…money talks thats why he got out of it!!

  • yes

  • Ummm….yeah, absolutely.

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