Did Romeo Dream About Rosaline?

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If so, in which line can I find it in act 1, scene 4?

I read it over four times, and still, I couldn’t find anything on Romeo dreaming on Rosaline.. :-

Thanks. :O)

4 Answers

  • The reference in that scene that you are looking for is Romeo’s line “I dreamt a dream tonight.” (line numbers differ from edition to edition).

    It is the lead-in to Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech.

    There is no direct reference to Rosaline, but it is Rosaline that Romeo is moping about. Part of Mercutio’s speech is to pull him out of that “dream” and on to the party to “feast on other beauties”

    When Romeo goes to the Friar, he is chided for falling in and out of love so quickly, for shedding tears over Rosaline only to forget her in a matter of minutes, but there is no mention of a dream.

  • I read this last year, and i know that Romeo did dream about Rosaline..but i think it’s sort of hinted that he is. it doesn’t say it directly. I think he liked Rosaline until he saw Juliet at the ball/dinner.

  • If I recall right I don’t believe that he dreamed of Rosaline unless it is before he heads into the party when he is talking about her being the jewel on the check of a person that I can’t remember right now.

  • apparently he did it the day before the play starts. When he talks to the friar about Juliet, he says that just the day before Romeo came to him about Rosaline

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