Did you make it or did you made it?

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which one is correct?

7 Answers

  • Did you make it, or Have you made it are both correct.

  • You have a sentence with a simple past verb [He saw it. They wanted it. You made it.]

    When you make the question or negative of a simple past verb, then you must add DID and change the verb to the base form.

    He saw it. He did not see it. Did he see it?

    They wanted it. They did not want it. Did they want it?

    You made it. You did not make it. Did you make it?

    Source(s): ESL Teacher
  • Did you make it?* is the correct one.

  • Make

  • When you use DID, you will not use the past tense of the verb because it will become redundant. Use the base form instead..

  • Did you make the bed?

    I don’t need to make the bed, I made it this morning.

  • Depends on what you are talking about in your question

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