difference between 2W-50 and 5W-50 motor oil?

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  • “W” stands for “winter”. It’s viscocity rated at cold temp before “jelling up”. Difference between 2W and 5W is pretty small comparing to difference between let’s say 5W and 15W. Technically 2W will provide better lubrication at cold temp during start up than 5W, but not enough to really notice.

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    difference between 2W-50 and 5W-50 motor oil?

  • very little to no difference at all. The lower number indicates the ability of the oil to flow in cold weather conditions. 2w and 5 w is so very close to be the same weight.


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    you will be fine the 5 stands for the wieght when cold and the 50 when the oil is hot just make sure you stay with synthetic

  • presumably you mean 20W-50 , the 5-50 oil is thinner at cold temperatures so lubricates the engine quicker on startup plus most 5-50 oils are synthetic while all 20-50 oils are mineral

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