Different ways of spelling katie?

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I want to spell my name differently

my name is katie

but the only ones i can think of are


and kaidee

can you think of any others


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  • ,what about Katii ? or Kaydee may be Kaedii ?

  • Katy




  • Katy is pretty normal! i like that







    I dont like Kaidee well i do but its a whole other name to Katie…Kaidee is funky and modern whereas katie is more traditional (and more importantly has a ‘t’ sound in the middle rather than a ‘d’ sound and i think the t sound is prettier)

  • Katy.

    Kaytee and Kaidee look really childish. Stick with Katie or Katy.

    Kaidee.. lol, only in America does a ‘d’ equal a ‘t’!

  • Katy or Kaitee, but Kaidee is said different than Katie

  • My 4 year old daughters name is caity people make fun of that and she wishes she was never named that so answer my question plese she feels left out

  • Don’t ruin the name. Katie is lovely the way it is.

  • Kaytie

  • Katy. KayD

  • my grandmother spells her name Katye (she just changes the i to a y). I think its a very cute alternative spelling. I plan on using it for my own little girl

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