Do altoids ever expire?

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Or are they good forever? I do not see an expiration date on the tins.

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  • Well, I don’t think they spoil, but the peppermint oil that gives it the minty flavor is somewhat volatile, so that surprisingly strong flavor won’t be so surprising after a while. Also, I notice that some of the binders tend to lose their oomph after a year or so (my wife bought a pack of twenty tins from Costco once, and after about five years, we finally got through them all) They’re still edible, but they don’t taste as good and get kind of chalky, I’ve found. I’d definitely consume a tin within a year, for quality purposes (and unless you’ve got a serious jones for sugar on a regular basis, I wouldn’t buy the econo-packs from the warehouse stores! Seriously…)

  • How Long Do Altoids Last

  • Look at the best by it’s pretty close. Plus if it taste good it’s fine XP

  • We found some from 1999 (in 2017)and they were still good! Probably not as strong as brand new ones but had not changed in form. not oily or overly chalky – no more than a new tin purchased a week ago.

  • I don’t know but they do get smaller after about 2-3 years.

  • I’ve found old ones, that taste just the same. Odd…

  • maybe after a few years

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