Do Clearasil test on animals?

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Hello 🙂 So I have a real affection for animals, and I was wondering do Clearasil test on animals/are any of their ingredients tested on animals for their face washes? I only use their gentle exfoliater which doesn’t have many chemicals or anything so I’m hoping they don’t.

And if they do, are there any other acne exfoliating washes similar that are 100% cruelty free?

Thanks <333

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  • I’m pretty sure all ingredients for face washes & the like will have been tested on animals somewhere along the line same as all ingredients in cosmetics are.

    The brands that state they are “cruelty free” can only do so because the ingredients have been tested so many times before on animals & are safe the company just copies the safe compounds.

  • Yes, they do. Now i feel guilty. I’m pretty sure Nuetrogena doesn’t use animal stuff.


    according to the PETA website, yes, it does.

  • Yes they do.

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