Do hawkins cheezies have gluten in them?

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On the front of the bag it says corn snacks, and in the ingredients it doesnt list anything that has gluten. So are they good for a gluten free diet?

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  • Although I have not eaten them myself (never seen such delicious looking things…) various gluten-free resources online have concluded that they ARE GLUTEN FREE. Many celiacs have posted online about this topic, and when asked directly, Hawkins replied:

    “Thank you for your recent email concerning our CHEEZIES®. Our product is gluten free and wheat free. We use corn meal to produce the streamlets, which are cooked in soya oil, and seasoned with a slurry made of Kraft cheese flavor and salt. The cheese ingredients are – milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride and color (contains tartrazine). CHEEZIES® are the only product we make.”

    So, they should be totally safe to eat! Enjoy!

  • Hawkins Cheezies

  • It probably depends on how sensitive to gluten you are, too, though. The answer above covers it all, but you’ll notice that the answer from the company doesn’t mention gluten free lines, gluten free facilities, or even whether they have anti-cross-contamination practices in place, including testing the product for gluten levels.

    That often means they don’t have or do any of these things. That’s fine for most gluten intolerants, and even a few celiacs, but some celiacs need more rigor in anti-cross-contamination from gluten, so if you need that, I’d probably look for another company’s snack foods.

  • Since cheezies are the only product produced by that company, there are no other lines for cross-contamination to occur between.

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