Do online ouija boards work?

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okay well i was on an online ouija board and i asked it if it was there.. and it said maybe later… and then i said are you evil? and it said yes. i’m really freaked . do online ouija boards work? i used one on brainjar.

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  • The short answer to this is no. Online ouija boards do not work.

    The point of any kind of ritual magic (which I’m using here to describe communication with things through a ouija board) is that you, as a person, in some sense provide the energy to bring the thing into existence. To suggest that this can be done through a pc is really stretching it into the realms of science/paranormal fiction. Don’t be freaked out by what is essentially, in this case, software… although having said that, my Windows Vista sometimes acts a bit strange 😉

  • Brain Jar Ouija Board

  • Online ouija boards pose the same threat as the usual pasteboard type. There is a grave danger that you will find yourself wasting a great deal of time on a parlor game. The ouija board is utter rubbish.

  • No they don’t, Ouija boards whether made of cardboard or on line do not work, the online ones just recognise certain key words just like Y/A recognises swear words and have ready made stories, by having them on a computer lends a certain ‘scientific’ aura to an out dated superstition.

    The cardboard ones ‘work’ either by the subconscious movement of the participants or one or more of them playing a joke.…

  • DOn’t get involved with anything like that. Seriously call me crazy or everybody else crazy who says its bad. Look it up on yahoo answers on people who have had a ouija board. It’s really bad. WHy would a bunch of ppl make up something saying it’s bad. and i know for sure they’re not joking about relatives or siblings dying after asking when they would die or something related to that question

    DOn’t get involved. I’m thinking that the people it’s worked for they may be special or something. But Still don’t get involved. It’s pretty scary when you have like over 100 people saying it’s bad

    Source(s): DOn’t use it. Like I said why would over a 100 people say it’s bad . It’s true don’t use it unless you want something bad to happen
  • Why do you want to mess with something you really don’t understand and end up getting into deeper trouble. I wouldn’t trust much of anything on line, especially a ouija board…….I seen and communicated with spirits for years, and never use anything they usually come to me, or around me.

  • No! They are actually 40 year old men who are looking to molest little children!

  • dont use it it, its horrible, the panchet never worked, but my friend got possessed for 30 minutes. you dont want to see someone possessed its creepy

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