Do orthodontists keep the retainer mold?

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I got my retainer 4 months ago and have been wearing it 23 hours a day and it has worn down. Would the orthodontist have the mold ready to form into a retainer or would I have to book an appointment and get it done? Problem is that I work and it hard to get time off.

They haven’t shifted because I’ve been wearing it all day everyday.

3 Answers

  • Even if your teeth haven’t shifted, they will need to take a new mold. The mold is often destroyed in the process of making the retainer. Also, there’s no way they would have room to store retainer molds for everyone, not knowing if and when they would be needed.

    Source(s): Orthodontic assistant with over 30 years of experience.
  • I would think that they would have to re-mold your retainer just in case any of your teeth have shifted, making your old mold useless.

  • They have to re-mold your mouth unfortunately. Well my orthodontist did anyway. Which I could have screamed because those molds made me gip and they were just nasty.

    Source(s): Me, Myself and I

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