Do turtles eat worms?

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My son got a turtle off the street today and he wanted to feed it some worms.

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  • First of all if you found a wild turtle they belong in the wild! If your son wants one…..maybe you should buy a young one from the store…less disease and you are not pulling a wild one away from its normal habitat. If you are going to keep the turtle…

    The answer is yes they do eat worms and any turtle put in a new habitat will not eat for awhile…don’t be alarmed!!! Turtles who are new to a new habitat will stop eating. Females stop eating when they are about to lay a clutch of eggs!!! Females do not need a male to lay a clutch…they do it and believe me it can mess your water up if she drops in the water…OIL Do some research……..that is my best advise or this turtle is going to die…..

    Wax Worms, Super Worms, Meal Worms and Earth Worms!!! BUT…they need more in their diet then just worms… be healthy and live a great life!!

    How big is the turtle? You will need the proper size set up for him/her…

    What kind is it…aquatic…or land? As aquatics need to live in water with a basking spot… need land…..and water to drink!!

    Turtles are a very expensive hobby….Believe me I know and anyone out there that have them know this as well….

    Lighting, feeding, habitat set up, filtration, heat source…attention..water changes…etc

    Here is my own personal feeding list and I hope the turtle will eat….

    Safe Feeding List

    Commercial Foods (This is just a few of them on the market)

    • Tetra Reptomin

    • Zoo Med’s Aquatic Turtle Food

    • Exo Terra

    • Wardley’s Reptile Premium Sticks

    • HBH Turtle Bites

    Frozen/Canned (For treats)

    • Spirulina-enriched Brine Shrimp

    • Bloodworms

    • Plankton

    • Krill

    • Zoo Med’s Can O’Crickets, Grasshoppers, or Meal Worms

    Live Foods (Carnivorous)

    • Aquatic Snails/Apple Snails/Water Snails

    • Crickets (Gut-Loaded)

    • Earthworms, Night Crawlers

    • Ghost Shrimp

    • Guppies or Rosey (no goldfish they are too fatty and have very little nutritional value)

    • Mealworms

    • Pinhead Crickets (for smaller turtles)

    • Slugs

    • Wax Worms, Super Worms

    **be careful about Wild-Caught foods, they can carry parasites that can be transferred to your turtle. Freezing Wild-Caught foods for a month will help to kill off some parasites.

    Fruits (small amounts for treats only)

    • Apples

    • Bananas

    • Cantaloupe/Common Melon

    • Figs

    • G ɾąքҽ s (remove skin so it’s easier for them to pick at)

    • Mango

    • Melon

    • Papaya

    • Pear

    • Tomato

    • Strawberries

    • Water Melon (Feed rarely)

    **should be cut up in small, bite-size or match-like sticks that will be easy for the turtle to bite into and not choke on.


    • Beans

    • Beetroot

    • Carrots

    • Squash

    • Sweet Potato [cooked – boiled/ steamed/baked]

    • Peas

    • Pumpkin

    • Zucchini

    Greens & Other Leafy Products

    • Collards Greens

    • Dandelion Greens

    • Kale

    • Mustard leaves

    • Radish leaves

    • Red Leaf Lettuce

    • Romaine Lettuce

    • Turnip Greens

    **Stay away from Spinach. Make sure to cut the veggies in bite-size or match-like sticks so your turtle can eat them easily. Iceberg lettuce is good filler, but contains little/no nutritional value!

    Aquatic Plants

    • Anacharis

    • Duckweed

    • Hornwort

    • Water Hyacinth

    • Water Lettuce

    • Water Lily

    This is for one . Don’t Let them eat until they are full….one over-sized turtle!!!!

    Hatchlings up to 3-4 inches

    once a day

    1-2 pellets, treat of protein, offering of plant matter, small 2 cm block of cuttlebone every 3 days

    Sub Adults 4-8 inches

    Feed every 1-2 days

    2- 3 pellets, protein

    large plant section

    cuttlebone 3-4 cm every 3-4 days

    Adult 8 inches or larger

    feed every 2-3 days

    3-4 pellets, protein- medium amount ex….couple of greens dandelion leaves

    whole cuttlebone

    Egg shells work as a source of calcium as well…my aquatics love egg shells along with cuttle bone…

  • Yes turtles do eat worms. Earthworms,blood worms,meal worms,wax worms. All different types. Box turtles love them. But you really shouldn’t keep the turtle. For many reasons, 1. You plainly don’t know what to feed it and could make it sick by your choice of diet. They eat slugs,crickets,worms,fruits, veggies all this things. 2. Its just wrong. It was a natural creature and you took it away from its beloved home. The only proper reason to take is if it is in a highly populated area. Their are many other reasons including that it might be illegal in your state. I hope you keep this in mind.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Do turtles eat worms?

    My son got a turtle off the street today and he wanted to feed it some worms.

  • How Do Turtles Eat

  • It depends on the turtle. Box turtles generally will, some aquatic species will, but herbivorous turtles usually don’t. Whatever kind of turtle it is it will need a more balanced diet than worms, and an appropriately set up habitat.

    I’m assuming the turtle is wild, in which case it should be released to an area close to where it was found. Preferably where there are few people. It’s illegal in many areas to remove animals from the wild.

    Best of luck,


  • I have a Red Eared Slider named Shelldon, and he loves worms! I’ve setup a worm farm for my axolotls and Shelldon has a few now and again.

    I just dangle on end in his tank, he grabs it and eats it down. Turtles are known to beg for food (mine does!) but only feed what was recommended in an earlier post.


    Source(s): My little boy, Shelldon!
  • Yes turtles eat worms. Box turtles love them. They also eat veges and fruits. Find out what kind of turtle your son has and check out on the computer what it will eat, or take the turtle to a vet that sees Exotic animals and they will give you all the info you need.

    Source(s): Proud owner of turtles for 30+ years.
  • Yes earthworms, bloodworms

    Source(s): Gr


    Source(s): Lc

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