Do unwritten personal checks ever expire?

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I don’t usually write checks, and so I have a lot of unwritten checks leftover from the last time I ordered them several years ago. However I find myself now needing to send a payment to someone and was wondering if my checks are still good? My address has changed since then, but my name is still exactly the same and I double checked the bank account numbers and everything seems to be in order. As long as the numbers are good, I would think I’m good to go?

(P.S. My parents still live at the old address and they have an account w/the same bank…not that that matters…)

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  • No, they don’t expire, until the actual account is closed. I used to move a lot. As long as I gave my bank the correct mailing address each time I moved, I could still use the old checks.

  • No – blank checks will almost always work as long as you still go the same bank, have the same checking account number, and your bank didn’t modify its routing number (which would be very rare).

    You could write your new address on the check – but that shouldn’t matter too much. The routing number and account number at the bottom are what’s really important.

    Written checks can become what’s called stale-dated. But even in that case they don’t expire. It’s up to the bank to decide whether to cash it.

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  • Unwritten checks do not expire. You can still use checks from the 1980s.

    I am not sure if you can use extremely old checks, from before they adopted the current system of routing numbers, magnetic ink, etc., but I do not think you are that old.

  • No, “unwritten” checks do not expire. They’re fine as long as the account is still valid.

  • They are still good.

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