Do you automatically get an associate’s degree after 2 years of attending a four year college?

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  • Generally speaking the answer is NO. You do not get an Associates Degree from a four year institution. Meaning if you go to a 4 yr school and stop going after 2 years, there will not be any type of completion papers/certification for you. Maybe you will be able to transfer that work to a 2 yr school and will have enough credits to do maybe one more course or so and get a Associates from them but no most 4 year colleges/universities do no award Associates Degrees.

    You wouldn’t wan to go to a 4 yr school if all you want is an associates bc 1) the 4 year school is way more expensive, 2) the admissions criteria is usually harder at the 4 year school, and 3) you will likely end up doing extra work that is required at the 4 yr school but not necessary for your Associates at a 2 yr school.

    There are a very small number of 4 year institutions in the US that have Associates degrees for special programs but they are few and far between and I can’t name any of them.

    Source(s): I am a Higher Education Administrator at a major University
  • 1. It depends on your credit load. You can’t just take 2 classes per quarter for 2 years and TADA have a degree.

    2. It depends on your classes. An AA degree has certain classes you need to take. If you go to college and just take classes pertaining to your major, or just take classes you like (say, a whole lot of PE and band classes), then you will not meet the requirements for an AA degree.

    3. You need to let the college know you qualify and want one. They will not automatically issue you an AA degree.

  • No, you don’t. You would have to go through an associate degree program.

    If you plan to eventually get a bachelor’s degree……… need for an associate degree……..getting an associate degree would require taking extra classes that may not be needed for your bachelor’s.

  • If you meet all the requirements of the degree – then yes. But it’s not automatic – you also have to apply (and pay the fee).

  • i think 60 credits is the minimum…but some students take like 12 credits during a semester u would have to take 15 each semester (fall and spring) for 2 years

  • Only if you apply for it through the schools board of exams.

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