Do you hate detention? How long does detention last at your school?

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What do you do in detention?

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  • I dont ever have to go, but at my school it lasts until like 6.

  • a million. by using fact which you’re illiterate 2. i’m guessing which you have not got any difficulty for your self or others as you have been given the detention. that is punishment to your misbehaving, in any different case why the hell else have you ever been given a detention? 3. Detentions are meant to be long and uninteresting, they are to instruct you to no longer be naughty in school by using fact no one else needs to wait for one and a 0.5 hours in silence. that’s a lesson. 4. do no longer use words like ‘poxy’. it will get you in greater detentions. happy Teachings!

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour. Actually the person handling the detention classes can’t wait to get done with his duty.

    I’ve got only one detention in my 2 calendar years at my current school. For being late and not bringing the school diary at the same time.

    The class lasted for around thirty minutes in which I had to write a stupid essay on a subject (I forgot which).

  • I’m attend late detention, I hate it, detention seems to last forever, we just stare at a wall

  • i’ve only had detention once, cause i’m always, always late to school

    it ꜱᴜcκs, an hour and a half at my school

  • Yes, and 1 hour. I copied the code of conduct onto a blank piece of paper.

  • We stare at a wall for an hour. We aren’t allowed to do anything, no homework, talking, bathroom breaks, nothing. So we just stare at the walls the whole time.

  • I hated lunch detention and it was for the whole lunch period which was 30 minutes.

  • i only went once for an hour after school. it wasn’t that bad… i just read the whole time

  • yeah-it ꜱᴜcκs

    an hour

    help me out here?…

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