Do you really burn more calories sleeping than watching tv?

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  • No, because you don’t use your thumb when your sleeping. Watching tv is a good thumb exercise you know. You can have a skinny thumb just by watching tv. Imagine if you had three pinkies. Awesome Right? And that’s the power of watching tv!! I’m jk. Actually you burn more calories when you’re awake. Period. Unperiod! That’s just what i think. Period.

  • yep cuz watching tv you sit there (usually eating stuff) and when you sleep all those calories that you ate for the whole day are being burned. well most of them (every night the average person burns 1600/200 calories)

  • No you dont, if you slept for 8 hours and then watched tv for 8 hours you would burn more calories watching tv ad you are concentrating more..

  • ya i heard you actually burn calories while you sleep

    dont sleep all day but i heard if you sleep enough it can actually helpto maintain your weight

    you also grow while your sleeping if your in the age group where you still grow

    but remember exercise regularly and dont eat to much chips and junk while you watch tv

  • Well this will depend on your body Lean mass it has been proven that muscles burn to upto 100 calories when body is at rest .so there you go. And plse no fad diets or diet pills

  • Yes

    but If you are exercising during watching tv then the answer is no

  • Probably not.

    Your body is undergoing various repair processes while you sleep.

    But you use dramatically more energy and oxygen while your awake/concious even if your doing something completely mindless.

    Your respiration, oxygen usage, brain activity, heartbeat, etc all fall during sleep.

  • Yea

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