Do you think that Chinese food tasted better with MSG?

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5 Answers

  • MSG, or monosodium glutimate, is a salt that literally excites your taste buds.  When I was 19 you could buy it in spice bottles in the supermarket with the other spices.  I remember a friend and I who were in a consumer nutrition class together went to the market, saw it on the shelves, opened it and each put a pinch on our tongues, it make our tongues tingle.

  • No. Chinese food is better without the addition of MSG

  • Doesn’t much matter if it is added or not. Remember that it is cooked in the Same pan as that cooked With MSG, that has been used for Years and will retain some of it. 

  • The whole point of MSG was to introduce the umami taste into the food. Some restaurants still use MSG while others use fish sauce, oyster sauce, mushrooms or fried tomato paste to get the same “fifth taste” (besides sweet, sour, salt, and bitter).

  • Try not to use too much MSG. You can cook good Chinese food without MSG.

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