Does an unoƿє-ṅєd bag of shredded coconut from last year go bad? Or just dry out? Thanks.?

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  • Just check for the expiration date on the package.


  • Shelf Life Of Shredded Coconut

  • I would think a bag that was unoƿє-ṅєd would still be good.When you open the bag you can feel the moistness on the coconut flakes.I only use coconut on holidays—so I put mine in the freezer.You’re right if it is longer good it will feel dried out.

  • The package of the brand I use (Baker’s) states, “Store tightly closed bag in refrigerator or freeze up to 18 months”. I have used that as a guide for years.

  • It is so high in saturated fat, it will keep indefinitely, especially if it’s sweetned w/ sugar. But if in doubt, throw it out. It’s not like you’re losing a fortune invested in a bag of coconut!

  • It won’t go bad. It depends on the bag. It’s either still good if it had a good seal, or it may lose it’s texture and become paper-like if any air got to it.

  • Where was it put? Freezer?

    Just you have to check. If it is covered then it could have fungus due to some left over moisture.

    If it is freezer, I think it is safe to use. But if it is open I would think It would dry out.

  • sometimes it tend to dry out . after 6 months you should buy a fresh bag.

  • Coconut is high in oils that can go rancid.

    Throw it out and get fresh.

  • dry out it definitely will,but worse , because of its high oil content will go rancid as well ,don’t dream of using it,it has lived its life & now has come to it’s end.please dont waste time or effort on it.

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