Does anybody know the contact info for FUNimation? Phone #, email, mailing address, etc.?

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I’m looking to contact them about something. Any contact info would be fine (phone #, email, mailing address, etc.). Any FUNimation company is fine…FUNimation Entertainment/Channel/Studios. I’m not sure if they are all the same contact info, but just in case lol.

Also, please tell me the FUNimation is an english company? LOL

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  • FUNimation’s an American company.

    You can look for that info by going to it’s website.

  • Funimation Phone Number


    There are two I’ve talked to on the phone. (Of course, one of those was my boyfriend 10 yrs ago lol) and maybe 7or 8 I do YA and 360 e-mail and 4 that do regular e-mail.

  • Their website is probably the best place to get the information that you are looking for.

    I do believe that they are an American or English distribution company.

  • yes it’s an american company i think. the only contact information i know of is this :

  • its a japanese company but 90% of their workers speak english…if im goin into a career of designing japanese anime i need 2 know these type of things

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