Does anyone else hate High School?

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I am in grade 11 and I dont “hate” it but i dont love it either. I just want to get out of this hell hole.

I hate the:

different groups and cliques( I cant hang out with my asian or white friends because they have their groups)

teachers have no patience and still call your parents

teachers let students hand in work late when other people bust their *** to do it on time

school starts way too early

most students are immature

girls are slutty and always want attention

buying lunch is “cool”

Ipods hanging out of your shirt is cool

you have to be a certain way to be considered normal

Freidns from your elementary school are 2 facedand totally ditch you

I loved grade 8, but hate high school. Does anyone else?

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  • Dude, im going through the same exact thing. I hate high school so much. I think i hate it because of my school everyone is sooo immature and mean. Im a freshmen and everyone i used to be cool with is acting like they never knew me. Since i dress differently and that makes me an outkast. Don’t worry man you are not alone.I also LOVED eight grade everyone knew eachother and i had the bestest of friends.

    I miss eight grade 🙁

  • I hated grade 8 and I like high school better but I don’t love it.

    Here is what I like about my high school

    1. People are friendly and down to the Earth so you have a good time getting along with everyone.

    2. It is safe, I go to a magnet school so all kids are trying their best to get to a good college and not cause trouble.

    3. Most teachers are friendly and care about the students

    4. Everyone basically gets along with each other in most cases

    5. Everyone is looking out for each other

    Here is what I hate about my high school

    1. Since it is a magnet school, we get too much homework

    2. I have to volunteer work at hospitals and some day it wears me out

    3. We do not have any sports at all except for Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball

    4. The state and the town I live in are very boring places

    5. I don’t get enough time to enjoy life because I have the SATs to study for and grades to work on

  • Well, not necessarily more decent, but the fact that you can choose your classes and when to take them makes your schedule much more open. You can have classes that are only on monday and wednesday, or tuesday and thursday, or just one day ( but that class’ probably going to be long as hell) you can set your schedule so you have fridays off. Right now I start class at about one in the afternoon, cause I’m a party animal. Unfortunately I couldn’t get fridays off because I had to take a class that’s mondays and fridays ARR!!! And about highschool… Now you say you hate it, but by the time you graduate, you’ll miss it. Although college is much more free and what not, and you’re study what you want to study, it’s not like high school where you pretty much get everything on a silver platter, and not to mention… You’ll probably lose almost all of your friends (unless you all choose to go to the same college). They told me this so many times in highschool and I didn’t listen… Now I wish I would have listened… Try to enjoy it… Kind of a мᴀsocнιst sort of way, I know, but take the chance to do everything now. Right now I regret not having gotten into the soccer team or something… I was sort of the nerdy (good looking mind you!) dork studying in the library, skipping lunch. I missed a few dances, luckily I went to my senior prom. Ahh memories… Man… What a living hell! XP just kiddin’

  • I agree. I, myself, am not too fond of High School either. I am also a Junior and I hate the fact that you have to act a certain way or wear a certain kind of clothing to be “cool”. I don’t pay attention to it though. I act and dress my own way. As for school work, I also hate the fact that teachers are too lenient on their students. They allow some of their students to hand in their work late while the rest of us work hard to give it in on time, and they still get the same amount of credit! The early hours of school don’t really bother me though, as I am a “morning” person.

  • I enjoyed high school, but then I was homeschool and lived on a farm, so I can’t exactly relate to you. Now that I’m older, let me share my view though.

  • Different groups and cliques – you might as well get used to this. I didn’t go to high school, but I’ve been to college, and it’s the same way there. I was in the military too, and… it’s the same way there. Out in the real world after the military… it was the same way. This seems to be just the way it is (though as you get into older and older crowds it seems to get less severe).

  • Teachers have no patience – Is it at all possible you are doing something to warrant this treatment? I know sometimes it seems like “they” are out to get you, but I’ve found that many people I’ve come across who treat me this way do so because of something I’ve done to deserve it.

  • Teachers let their students turn in late work – Have you seen the grades on those late assignments? In college I noticed a trend; I worked hard and turned in my work like you do, and as a result, I got a 3.5 GPA for my effort. Those people who skated though school and turned stuff in late did much worse. Besides, who cares. I’m sure you have enough to be worried about on your end without worrying about other people.

  • School starts to early – Welcome to “Life”. Life doesn’t start when you want it to. I’ve had days that started at 10pm. If you feel school starts to early, go to sleep earlier. I guarantee you’ll find you are much more comfortable.

  • Immature students – If you don’t like them, don’t socialize with them. I’ve seen men in their mid thirties come in to work and act like an early teen at the first sight of a pretty girl. It’s just the way it is.

  • Girls are slutty and want attn. – This doesn’t change. They don’t really stop that until after they’ve had multiple children (even then they sometimes keep on acting this way).

  • Buying lunch – I admit, I don’t understand this one. I assume its a crowd mentality that says if you don’t “buy” your lunch your a looser. This relates to maturity, and if you get upset at people thinking you are not cool because you don’t buy your lunch, you may have maturity issues yourself

  • iPods – I don’t understand the issue with this one. It’s a fashion, they come, they go. You’ll see dozens of fashions as you get older.

  • Normal – I still encounter this one. People assume I like to listen to rap and R&B, because that apparently is normal. They seem shocked at first when I tell them otherwise, but after the initial shock, they carry on as normal.

  • Friends ditch you – this doesn’t change either. You’re always going to have friends betray and hurt you. You can’t be betrayed by someone you don’t trust you know.

  • So, in conclusion, high school doesn’t sound to much different than the rest of life. I encourage you to enjoy it while you can, because before long you are going to have to work hard to afford your lunch instead of bringing one from home. Enjoy while you can!

  • That’s how high school is. glad I’m in college. I hated it too, everyone thinks looks are so important, as is your reputation. everything changes after hs. go to college, you’ll love it.

  • lol an almost story of my life..

    gr 11 too. loved grade 8 too. are we the same person? ahah.

    i just hate the curriculum. it’s stupid textbook garbage i only remember for tests. i like learning from life, and experiencing things… not from books. history, math, Please. english is okay sometimes because it gets you thinking outside the box.

    as for the people, eh theres nothing you can do. that stuff exists everywhere. as long as they don’t bother you, just ignore them… do your own thing.

  • its cause you dont party

    like 98% of people in the world

    most people arent winners who live the good life, if your a girl, get in shape, dress girly and pretty and flirt with guys and party

    join like the dance team and you will get more popular and love high school

    or you can ignore my advice and continue to live on YAHOO ANSWERS


    aight peace

    Source(s): listen to me
    trust me
    i know it all
    i know how to help people leave boring a## lives and get a fun life
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