Does anyone else HATE mint in EVERYWAY like i do?!?

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I hieve when I smell mint, even when someone has just brushed their teeth, I have to open the car window and stick my head out of it. I get extremely bad headaches, when I inhale fair amounts of the smell of mint, like when someone has chewing gum in their mouth sat right next to me on the bus or something. I come close to actually being sick most times (or on most occasions just my eyes watering) , even just from the slightest scent of mint. I CANNOT have it in or on ANY food, or else I won’t eat it at all! – Even if it has been removed… My friends and family hate me being this way, and always complaning about it. And as well as this, My dentist keeps saying not to rinse me mouth out with water after I have brushed me teeth, but I can’t exactly help it, because otherwise I have to spit, and spit, and spit it all out over the next few hours, and get really agitated! I am known practically as the ‘girl who hates mint’ or ‘weird person’ I know it may sound hilarious

Everyone I know love mint, or just aren’t bothered and go along with what anyone else thinks / or likes, I fell like I am the only one who hates Mint as much as I do. Also I can’t stand smelling air conditioning, or certain smells, some give me Headaches, and some make me heive, eyes-watering too; I guess I am just too different from every other human being on this planet. – Well, It certainly feels like it anyway.

So after all the explaning about my GIGANTIC HUGELY COMPULSIVE problem Hate for Mint, and everything, absolutely EVERY ASPECT of mint, in any substance, area, or scent (perfume, that inda stuff, yh i know perfume doesn’t have mint in – usually.)

– Does anyone else HATE mint in EVERYWAY like i do?!

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  • I don’t throw up but I don’t like it to eat.

    Toothpaste or mouth wash doesn’t bother me but I usually buy cinnamon flavored things like that.

    Ditto gum.

    cinnamon flavored.

  • I have only just seen this and, I can relate in every single way, I have braces and for my gum shield I have to have it made of of mint flavored putty, thing? I ɡɑɡged just by looking at it and thinking about it, I went outside the room, I couldn’t do it! They had to order a banana flaverod one! If someone has recently had mint chewing gum, or toothpaste and we are in the same car I open a window, and try to not brethe in, it’s got to a point now, I can only just say it without ɡɑɡging! I will need in a million years have anything with that word in it! The smell, word, and how I can imagine it would taste makes me sick! I have been like this ever since I was less than a year old, I have never tried one either, I know you posted two years ago but still, finally someone, who can relate!x

  • YOU are NOT alone….I hate it so much that I can’t barely stand it. It affects me in so many many ways. I have to use Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda for toothpaste. I then rinse with ACT children’s fluoride that is called Ocean Berry. There is no other way. Also, I just went on a field trip today with my child and I drove 1 1/2 hours alone instead of with friends because I knew they would be chewing gum that was that scent. Can’t even say the word – it makes me sick. I’ve also gotten to where I can’t even stand gum of any kind because most are that scent and also any other scent is just gross having to smell that scent over and over. I recently bought some mini sweat pea scented hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works to rub under my nose in case I get in a situation where I’m around the smell. What can we do???? I can’t take it anymore…and it’s never going away. I feel so alone and like a major freak and I’m not but I feel that way. 🙁

  • Mint is the worst thing ever. I get cavities almost every time at the dentist because all the good and strong toothpaste brands out there use the only flavor i hate to even SMELL. like, mint floss, mint toothpaste, mint everything. I can almost never floss because most good brands use mint (even if they do have un-flavored ones, its harder to come by) and most good toothpaste brands that are very effective use mint. Same for the mouth-wash. And then when there is another flavor, its bubblegum, which I HATE SO MUCH. Gum makes me want to vomit and seeing it just makes me feel sick. Its stupid. And then they choose to make those breath sprays mint and everything like seriously, why does gum and mint have to be so popular. Mint is the reason my dental hygiene is bad. Gum is the reason why I cant be near people, and those with Minty breaths all day just makes me want to shoot myself. Like, seriously i know im like the .5% of the population that hates mint but dangit just try to do something different for those who hate the smell of mint!

  • Will I am Michael from Kingston, Jamaica and to say I hate mint is an understatement. The way that nasty smell hugs the air like it has latched on to the odor bacteria and remains constantly there. The worse smell ever is toothpaste and nasty mint chewing gums which some people assume is “fresh” but worse that everyone likes. It is so bad that I have special fragrance to get the smell out of my home after my wife uses toothpaste while I am there….

  • I hate mint flavour too, with visits to dentists being a more stressful time as the years go by. I am glad it’s not just me. The putty stuff is mint flavoured and asking to breathe thru my nose really made me ɡɑɡ, good job I am not allergic to silicon as that looks like the only way my dentist can take impressions for my dentures, looking forward to the taste of superglue as I think fixodent only comes in one flavour, mint or minty fresh, I can’t win.

  • OH MY GOD!!!!! This made me so happy!!!!! I have always despised mint with every single cell of my body, it makes me so ANGRY! People chewing mint gum, toothpaste… All of that! When my husband brushes his teeth before I go in the bathroom I lose my ****! I HATE IT!!!!! My whole life I brushed my teeth with bubble gum flavored toothpaste. I just can t be around mint, I leave the room if I have to, I don t even care if I look weird. And it s such a pervasive smell! If someone has mint gum in their mouth on a bus, it s ALL I SMELL!!!!! It s everywhere!!! Why??? Godforsaken smell!

  • Yes, my son hates it as much as you do! He can’t be anywhere near mint. Today we had to throw out graham crackers that were stored near an open bag of Thin Mint cookies and absorbed the smell.

  • To all the mint haters….I too find mint, and any type of gum to be totally disgusting. Makes me want to puke. I have to get away from anyone chewing gum, especially mint gum. Can t eat anything until I have forgotten that I even smelled it!

    And I know why I hate mint; took me until I was 45 to figure it out and the reason makes perfect sense from a post traumatic stress standpoint.

    PTSD is a hard-wire in your brain, triggered by an outside stimulus (like gun-fire). It shorts around all normal logic and goes straight to fear, disgust, revulsion etc…) It is as powerful as the “fight or flight” part of your brain.

    Instant reaction with no logical reason for it. No way in hell you can avoid it.

    You all have somehow associated mint with something bad that happened to you. For example, mine was the spearmint laced ether they used to render me unconscious for my tonsil removal when I was 6.

    It doesn t have to make sense……. to be real to you.

    Brush your teeth with “Close up Gel” total cinnamon flavor.

    And always avoid anyone stupid enough to chew gum….. disgusting!

  • I hate it too! I had to see if anyone else felt the same. I don’t allow anyone to eat or chew mint flavors in my home or vehicle. It literally makes me ill. I even ɡɑɡ while brushing my teeth, as I can barely tolerate toothpaste (hate the cinnamon & bubble gum flavors too).

  • oOMG I thought I was the only human in this planet that hated mint….thank u for cheering me up. I SUGGEST TO BUY KID’s TOOTHPASTE LIKE THE fruit ones. I EXTREMELY HATE MINT!!! MINT is like my worst enemy!!!

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