Does anyone else think Mike Tomlin looks like Will I Am?

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look at him

8 Answers

  • They’re obviously the same person. During the day, Tomlin is just an average Super Bowl winning coach. But at night…. Dum-dum-dada…… he becomes…. Fergilicious.

  • Mike Tomlin Will I Am

  • They do look alike. Maybe they’ll mistake Will I Am for Tomlin at this year’s halftime show. Haha.

  • More like Omar Epps

  • I think he looks like Omar Epps from House.

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    dam homes, that’s a great call! I never could place who he looked like…

  • yeah, and i saw aaron rogers in an interview and looked a little like steve carell.

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  • dude so looks like him…lol…good one…lol

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