does anyone know the lyrics to the Song Who cut the cheese? from the show 2 and half Men that aired last week?

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Charlie Sheen sang Who cut the cheese to a little boy and Ilaughed my Butt off! I accidently deleted from my DVR and now I am looking for the words he used! Please help!

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  • I know that the winter follows the fall

    and in New York the buildings are tall

    I hear in China they have a great wall

    I know these things and more

    but there’s just one answer I’m still looking for

    Who cut the cheese, who cut the cheese

    I ask you please did you cut the cheese

    I’m not adverse to learning

    tell me why my eyes are burning

    Who cut the cheese

  • Who Cut The Cheese Song

  • “Who cut the cheese? Who cut the cheese? I ask you please, now who cut the cheese? My mind is always up for learnin’, tell me why my eyes are burnin’, who cut the cheese?”

    I knew that couldn’t have been the whole thing.

    Source(s): some persons blog
  • Sounds interesting

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    i’ve never watched it. i’ve seen previews and think it looks boring. plus i don’t know anyone that watches it. so yeah it think it should go off.

  • I think it depends

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