does anyone know what Dl_cats is? is it spyware? and can it be the reason im getting popups?

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i recently started getting popups out of no where i cant figure out where there coming from and spybot hasnt found it either and i was wondering if it was the program file named Dl_cats

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  • you have malware, use this tool to get rid of it free;

    The free edition of spyware doctor, The best for removing spyware, adware and malware and it finds backdoor trojans and its free, ( Recommened)…


  • It is Spyware associated with Lexmark

    Download (Free) SuperAntiSpyware (SAS)

    SAS is an exceptionally easy to use application that will remove the majority of difficult Trojans and Worms, not just the easy ones. In addition it has the ability to remove Vundo and Smitfraud infections. SAS can lock your home page to prevent browser hi-jacking attempts.


  • Use some other software. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at

  • choosing an isp is complex see and soon will list all uk isps and explain what you need to know about choosing one if you want info on a particular isp ask them directly and get it in writing if they promise uptime/speed,

    choosing a pc is not as simple as setting a budget and thinking of a brand eg dell , explains how to choose a pc, get and use spybot search and destroy 1.5 run it every day and update it daily to remove malware/adware/spyware/popups ( better than windows defender) get and use avira free antivirus run it daily.( it updates daily for free if you set it up right) .this removes viruses/trojans/rootkits/dialers/keyloggers/, get zonealarm free firewall and use it to protect from hackers and id thieves, use firefox browser as its better and safer than ie7( microsofts internet explorer7), add on the noscript addon for this and mcafee siteadvisor ( both attach to firefox and make sufing much safer) bookmark find article42 in the sites archives it has a link to the download .com site to get all these programmes for free ( all genuine legal free software) everyday you use click an advert or 2 to help cover its running costs please more info on how to use these programmes will appear on beingahuman soon. ps is brilliant use it to fight back against phishing emails you get eg fake bank/paypal/ebay lotto win scams/someone died and want you to launder millions etc ! emails read how to use phishfighting it the site or soon on goodluck

  • I think I have something for you.






    McAfee Site Advisor:

    I would also get the McAfee Site Advisor,because it warns users when downloading software or filling out forms on a web site that may make them victims of malware or spam.

    These are good.Especially SuperAntiSpyware!


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