Does anyone know when Target & Walmart put out their Halloween stuff?

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Do all Targets put out there Halloween stuff on the same day? I mean all around the country?

How bout Walmart?

Does anyone work for either of these stores & knows if they have a certain day that they put this stuff out?

I LOVE Halloween & buy more stuff to decorate each year (if it’s good stuff.) I would like to go tonight but don’t want to schlep all the way over there if they haven’t started putting it out yet.

Also Check This  I’m feeling pain in my left chest and my hand is numb, what can it be?

Thank you So much!!

9 Answers

  • right after school starts

  • Walmart Halloween Decorations

  • Target Halloween Decor

  • Not sure about Target or Walmart, but I was in a Kirkland’s this weekend and they already had Halloween stuff out. If your not sure if there is a Kirkland’s located in your area, you could probably look on line. Here they are located in the mall.

  • I’m not entirely sure, but I have seen some stores already put out some Halloween decorations. I’m glad they’re in the spirit like me.

  • Have you tried shopping online? Its secure, and its available all year round. Plus places like Wal-Mart and Target does not have as much selection as the dedicated Halloween online retailers. They are also cheaper even with the shipping.

    Sites like that sells decorations, and even weird stuff like fog machines. They arent only limited to costumes.

  • Psht. Seems like they put it out after Valentines Day…

    But seriously my guess is like mid september.

  • Try online…. to buy your Halloween stuff.

  • They put it out before Halloween.

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