Does blue moon beer go bad?

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I have had some for around 3-4 months and have never heard of beer going bad especially that fast, and on the bottom of the bottle there is a white film that looks like chunks of stuff floating around in it…didn’t notice it there when i first had one..but could’ve been…anybody know? thanks!

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  • Any type of beer can go bad over a period of time. Blue moon is known for having some white chunks on the bottom. It’s gross to see but it does not mean that the beer went bad.

    Go ahead open it and take a sip. Beer that is bad tastes so skunked you wouldn’t even be able to drink half a bottle. And you won’t get sick off it if you take one sip and its not good.

    Also, if you are really uncomfortable, then just toss it.

  • Any lower alcohol beer will eventually go bad (higher alcohol beers like barleywines and eisbocks are designed to be aged like wine).

    At 3-4 months they may not be as fresh as before but are still drinkable. The sediment on the bottom is nothing to worry about.

    You can pour carefully to leave it in the bottle if you want, but it won’t hurt you to drink it either. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

  • Blue Moon is an unfiltered beer, so it’s likely yeast particles. Just pour it in a glass, leave about a half-inch in the bottom of the bottle, and you should be fine.

  • Blue Moon is an unfiltered wheat ale. That film you see is perfectly normal. Pour yourself a glass and drink up.


  • I just oƿє-ṅєd a blue moon with a date on it… 11-2011 today is 10-27-2013… it looked like crap ….. after smelling it… it actually smells more fruity then fresh blue moon… ill update you if it makes me sick… the sediment looks like effin parasites… but overrall… few years old and its not bad really

  • Once in a Blue Moon!


  • Probably. Most wheats don’t stay fresh too long so it may lose some flavor but it’s safe to drink.

  • I had some in my cellar for 21/2 years can I still drink it.

  • dude blue moon is unfiltered wheat ale those things are supposed to be in there

  • I think it does go bad. well blue moon’s not filtered sooo yea.

    I love blue moon so yea. try one.

    wait was it in the fridge or not? cuz if not then maybe they’re no good.

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