Does chef Robert Irvine wear hearing aids?

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I always see a hearing aid in his ear. Is it a hearing aid or a communication device? If it is a hearing aid what des he need it for? I am just curious, I love watching Dinner Impossible.

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  • It may possibly be a custom in-the-ear monitoring device similar to what musicians wear while performing. This allows him to receive communication from producers through out the show. TV personalities, new casters, reporters, etc all wear them while speaking on camera.

    If it is a hearing aid, he is wearing it because he has hearing loss. It looks like he served in the military as a young boy and could have potentially been exposed to excessive noise causing hearing loss.

  • It is solely for communication with the producers. He and all of the camera guys wear some type of headset or earpiece for 2 days while shooting so they can be directed where to go from one of the producers or recall things that were discussed off camera before so they can be used during a scene. You have no idea watching the show how long some scenes are. When they do things like sticking employees in a blind voting booth or testing their skills it is usually well over an hour to actually go through that process. Same with the reveal, at least an hour from the time they walk in and open their eyes to when they actually start letting guests in.

    He does not have a hearing problem and never wears one other than when shooting.

  • I don’t know but Gail Kim is hot, and I also think Robert irvine is cool, even after all the scandal with his credentials, I love dinner impossible and restaurant impossible even though it’s like a knock-off of kitchen nightmares

  • I think it s a hearing aid.

    Doesn t matter, or course. With or without the hearing aid Robert Irvine is a ᴅoucнᴇbag.

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