Does Christina Aguilera speak spanish?

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ALso were is she from?

Is she white or is she hispanic?

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  • she’s hispanic and white and no she doesnt speak espanol

  • Does Christina Aguilera Speak Spanish

  • Is Christina Aguilera Spanish

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    Does Christina Aguilera speak spanish?

    ALso were is she from?

    Is she white or is she hispanic?

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  • Definitely, Christina Aguilera speaks Spanish and is very proud of her ethnicity she is Latin as those who are Italian, Portugese and French….

  • I think she speaks just a little bit, although her parents do speak fluently; here’s why (excerpts from web search results).:

    “Aguilera was born in Staten Island, New York, but grew up primarily in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Her father, Fausto Aguilera, is of Ecuadorian descent and her mother, Shelly Kearns, is from Newfoundland and of remote Irish descent; both are fluent in Spanish.”

    “In the year 2000 she emphasized her Latino heritage, following the Latino trend of the time, by releasing her first Latin album, Mi Reflejo. At this time she claimed to have been learning Spanish. This album was a version of her debut album in Spanish”.

    “Her second official English language album was Stripped. This features many interludes, one before the track “Infatuation”, which features her speaking Spanish, and a duet with Alicia Keys; however, Aguilera cannot speak Spanish fluently yet—even though she is learning Spanish—as she forgot the language while growing up.”

    I hope those excerpts I found answer your questions about Christina.

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  • She doesn’t speak the language fluently, she just released an album in Spanish. There’s something called a translator you know.

  • Yes. She even had a Spanish Album. Her father is from Ecuador, and she often appears at the ALMA Awards (American Latino Media Arts) to represent her Latin roots.

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    Like a parrot, repeat after me. Don’t mean she know a word of what she was singing.

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