Does Copenhagen Chewing tobacco have fiberglass in it?

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  • I believe, and have been told that Cope does not contain fiberglass. It uses “natural” abrasives such as salt. Other brands made by UST contain fiberglass, such as skoal, rooster, so on and so on. If you open your can of Cope and move it around in the light you wont see any very shiny particles in it. If you do this with a can of Skoal, you will see alot of shiny particles in the can. Also, Copenhagen is not a chewing tobacoo, it is a dipping tobacco. Chewing tobacco comes in pouches, not tins, some popular brands are Redman Levi Garrett and Beech Nut.

  • Hey. I believe that chewing tobacco USED to have fiberglass in it. (I heard this once)

    It helped to lacerate your gum tissue so that the nicotine could get into your blood stream more quickly.

    I’m pretty sure they stopped doing this, however.

    BUT, if you chew, please try to quit. It is horrible for your teeth, gums and overall health… It’s worth stopping. It will be hard for a while, but your body (and wallet) will totally thank you…

    Source(s): I’m a RDH
  • my investigation reveals no fiberglass. so if all you’re having is sore, raw gums after a day of chewing don’t worry. you’re on your way to throat cancer and the loss of your ‘teet’. Regards, Dirty Harry

  • It ain’t got fiberglass it’s salt that’s shines some flavor mace more than others an no I ain’t quitting


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